Jumping rope_Bariatric Surgery in Bangalore

Jumping Rope burns more calories than Jogging

Say a person weighing 100 kgs jumps rope at a slow pace with less than 100 skips/min and the type of skips is two-foot skip with a rhythmic bounce for 30 min, then that person loses approximately 450- 460 calories per session. With consistent jumping, one might see great results. Jumping rope not only helps you with weight loss, but ...
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Bariatric Surgery

Know When & Why do people decide to get a Bariatric surgery?

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TODS_Bariatric Surgery

Food cravings ruining your weight loss plan? Add Fiber to your diet

In reference with the U.S. dietary guidelines, adults should consume anywhere between 25 and 30 grams of dietary fiber from food. How does including fiber help in controlling cravings? Flax seeds are considered as one of the many super foods. 100gms of flax seed contains 27 g of fiber. Meaning, each tablespoon of flax contains around 2.8 grams of fiber ...
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TODS_Weight Loss

Did you know that Cabbage has benefits for weight loss?

Did you know that Cabbage has benefits for weight loss? 100 gms of cabbage has 1.  93% water 2.  Calories 25 3.  2.5 g fiber 4.  0.1 g fat 5.  Low / No Glycemic Index There are many kinds of diets for quick weight loss followed by people. Including cabbage in your diet plan is advantageous because cabbage is extremely ...
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Diabetes Surgery in Bangalore

This Summer which beverage would you choose?

236 ml of iced tea with sweetener contains 15 calories, or 236 ml of carbonated fizzy drink contains approximately 100 calories. Health benefits of tea is widely known. For people who don't like drinking plain water, iced tea is a great option. It keeps you hydrated, contains a lot of antioxidants & some research states that it has a lot ...
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Diabetes Surgery in Bangalore

Diabetes and a low Glycemic Index diet

Knowing the relationship between Glycemic index and Diabetes can help you know the kind of diet and how much is safe for a person suffering from diabetes to eat. What is Glycemic Index? It is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels.The American Diabetes Association now advise people with type 1 and ...
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Metabolic Surgery

Everyday fitness to control Diabetes

Regular exercise is important for everyone, but especially so if you have diabetes. Physical activity combined with healthy eating and any diabetes medication that you might be taking will help you manage your diabetes and prevent long-term diabetes complications. If you haven’t been very active lately, start with a 25-30 everyday. Steadily add more time into this regimen to finally ...
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Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore

Benefits of Breast Reduction You May Not Be Aware Of

Only those with a well-developed breast region can know the challenges that come with this type of physique. For these women, a breast reduction procedure can help alleviate lower back pain, improve posture, and help their body look more in proportion. But there are also some less frequently discussed benefits that are also worth considering: Ability to participate in sports ...
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Metabolic Surgery in Bangalore

Pre-diabetes : A Wake up Call to Get Healthy

Pre-diabetes is a wake-up call for you to start taking diabetes seriously! It is characterized by higher than normal blood sugar levels but not as high as diabetes. This condition increases the risk of getting diabetes. Fortunately you can reduce that risk with diet and physical exercise. Progression from pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes isn't inevitable. Eating healthy foods, incorporating ...
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Weight loss Surgery in Bangalore

How your weight affects your Fertility and Pregnancy

Your Ideal Baby Weight :  You don’t need to achieve your dream body in order to get pregnant. Most women who consider themselves a little overweight or underweight can get pregnant without issue. But if your BMI is below 19 or above 24, you may have difficulty getting pregnant. But BMI doesn’t always tell the full story. Even if your ...
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