Dr. Kavita C.G

She has worked in Neuropsychiatric centre named Spandana at Rajajinagar, Bangalore with Dr.Srinivas & Dr.Mahesh for 4 years. She played an important role in counseling patients having neuropsychiatric problems regarding weight gain related to taking neuropsychiatric medication. She worked at Vikram Hospital with Dr. Ramesh. M & Dr. Tulip as bariatric physician & counselor for 6 years. She has been very successful in managing patients who have undergone Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, guiding them through their weight loss journey in terms of diet and nutrition, counseling them and helping them having a smooth adapting to the lifestyle changes associated with the procedure.


Bariatric Physician & Counselor

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Dr. Tulip
2 Decades of experience
Dr. Tulip, a well known and dynamic laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon…